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We're a Virginia Small Business and Appreciate Your Support!
We're a Virginia Small Business and Appreciate Your Support!

3DMakerPro Lynx 3D Printer Scanner- Large Object

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Introducing Lynx 3D Scanner Scan big, pay less, and simplify your scanning process. With up to 0.10mm accuracy and a large scanning range, it offers a smooth scanning experience and faithful object reproduction. Featuring user-friendly software and optional mobile scanning, unleash your creativity with every scan effortlessly. Automatic model generation and fast scan result presentation make it easy to use, while capturing larger objects is a breeze.


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Introducing SScan Big, Pay Less, and Make It Easyeal

The World's First 0.01mm Accurate Consumer 3D Scanner.

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Up to 0.10mm accuracy

Large scanning range

Long working distance

User-friendly software
Video Player
Capture Larger Objects

Capture Larger Objects

Lynx's Single Capture Range is 250×400mm, which is 200% larger than traditional mid-format scanners. With Lynx, you can scan objects up to 5000x5000x5000mm, a whopping 3700% improvement!

Smooth Scanning Experience

Smooth Scanning Experience

Lynx enables smooth scanning of large objects with an optical stabilizer and advanced visual tracking, minimizing the probability of misalignment without markers.

Faithful Object Reproduction

Faithful Object Reproduction

With 0.10mm accuracy and 0.30mm resolution, Lynx helps you create precise and detailed point clouds, achieving a high level of object reproduction suitable for art, design, and industrial purposes.

Creativity Unleashed in Every Scan

With Lynx, scanning medium to large objects such as human bodies, furniture, automotive parts, and sculptures is a breeze. In just minutes, you can capture complete and detailed models that showcase every intricacy.

Anti-Shaking Lenses

Optical stabilization filters out unwanted jitter for smooth, continuous scanning.

Lightning-Fast Speed

Collecting 100,000 points per second, it swiftly scans body parts and more.

Brilliant in Darkness

9-level light adjustment for versatile scanning in varying colors, materials, and lighting conditions.

Designed for Easy Scanning.

Scan quality depends heavily on software, which is why our proprietary JMStudio is essential. Years of continuous iteration have resulted in enhanced scanning and editing capabilities. Support for 8 languages and lifetimefree OTA updates.

Smooth Scanning Experience

Smooth Scanning Experience

JMStudio offers a simple yet efficient scanning process, delivering excellent 3D scanning results even for first-time users.

Intelligent One-Click Editing

Intelligent One-Click Editing

With integrated smart editing features, JMStudio automates the processing of your scanned projects with just one click, effortlessly producing satisfying 3D models.

Multiple Scanning Modes

Turntable Mode

Handheld Mode

Mobile Mode (with Connect)

Color Texture Mapping (with Luxury Combo)

Compatible Software

JMStudio supports exporting files in formats like OBJ, STL, ASC, empowering you to edit, refine, render, or print your scans using your preferred design software.

Demo Videos

Lynx scans the front part of the car

LYNX compared to the Mole

Tech Specs

Scan Performance Parameters:

  • Accuracy: 0.01mm
  • Resolution: 0.05mm
  • Frame rate: 10fps
  • Tracking mode: Visual tracking
  • Work distance: 180-280mm
  • Single capture range: 100x75mm
  • Typical object sizes: 10-300mm

Software System Requirements:

  • Output format: OBJ/STL/PLY/ASC
  • Compatible system: Windows10/11 64bit, MacOS12/13
  • Compatible mobile: Android 10.0 or later, iOS 15.0 or later (Extended support)
  • Minimum computer requirements: Intel Core i5 8th, 16GB RAM MX250 GPU with 2GB VRAM
  • Recommended computer requirements: Intel Core i7 8th, 16GB RAMNVDIA 3060 GPU with 4GB VRAM

Hardware Parameters:

  • Light source: Blue light
  • Color texture: Support
  • USB interface: USB2.0
  • Dimensions: 110×60×35mm
  • Weight: 254g

Questions? We've got answers

What size of objects is Lynx suitable for scanning?

Lynx is suitable for scanning objects with recommended sizes ranging from 100mm to 2000mm. Larger objects may pose greater
challenges, although theoretically, Lynx can scan objects as large as 5000mm.

Can Lynx be connected to a mobile device for scanning?

Yes, but you need to separately purchase the Connect accessory. If you are a Mole Connect owner, you can only purchase an extra Connect cable kit for Lynx.

What kind of power source do I need to operate Lynx with the Connect?

The power bank is required to have a minimum power output of 22.5W with a USB C port, and supports PD 12V charging.

What are the differences between Lynx, Plus, and CR-Scan 01?

Lynx is the latest upgraded version with a new platform that offers more features. It supports accessories for mobile scanning, improved turntable connection, upgraded cameras, and new software algorithms, among other enhancements.

What are the differences between Lynx and Mole?

Lynx is a large-format scanner with a single capture range that is 200% larger than Mole. This means that, at the same scanning frame rate, Lynx can scan an area several times larger than Mole.

Can Lynx scan an entire car?

Yes, it is possible to scan an entire car with Lynx, but it requires certain scanning techniques. We will soon release a tutorial video demonstrating how to scan cars comprehensively. If you want to scan specific car parts such as seats, bumpers, hoods, or wheels, it can be easily accomplished.

Do I need to apply markers during the scanning process?

No, markers are not required. However, if the object has few surface features, such as minimal transitions or a very round shape, you can apply masking tape or mark the surface with an X using a marker.

What are the system requirements for using Connect (mobile scanning) on Android and iOS?

For Android devices, the mobile application requires Android 10.0 or later. It is recommended to use mobile phones with 8GB of RAM or above, and ensure that there is at least 2GB of available storage space.

For iOS devices, the mobile application requires iOS 15.0 or later. It is recommended to use an iPhone 12 or a higher model to download and use this application.

What's in the Box

Lynx 3D scanner ×1

Power cord ×1

Data cable ×1