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We're a Virginia Small Business and Appreciate Your Support!
We're a Virginia Small Business and Appreciate Your Support!
From Hobbyist to Artisan- The Real Power of Tools

From Hobbyist to Artisan- The Real Power of Tools


In the heart of Oklahoma City, a humble woodworker named Michael Branson transitioned from a 15-year hobby to a thriving business, all thanks to the integration of CNC technology into his craft. Founder of Saw Creations, Michael's journey is a testament to the transformative power of embracing innovation to enhance both speed and precision in woodworking.

CNC product results

Michael's venture into the world of professional woodworking began when his wife encouraged him to share his creations with a broader audience. Faced with the challenge of increasing production speed and maintaining consistency, Michael embarked on a year-long exploration, ultimately choosing the Axiom AR8Pro CNC as the catalyst for Saw Creations' evolution.

The decision to invest in Axiom's CNC technology was influenced by several key factors. The all-metal construction ensured durability, Axiom's robust technical support instilled confidence, the machine's compact footprint fit seamlessly into Michael's workshop, and the fully enclosed liquid cooling system for the 3HP electro spindle added a layer of sophistication to his setup.

The incorporation of Axiom CNC technology revolutionized Saw Creations. Michael gained the ability to work faster and more accurately, surpassing his initial business growth expectations. His designs, once limited by manual capabilities, became more intricate, showcasing the true potential of CNC precision. Customers now place unwavering trust in the consistency of their finished products, with minimal variation from their envisioned designs.

What sets Saw Creations apart is not just Michael's expertise; it's a collaborative effort. His wife actively participates in the CNC woodworking process, crafting custom door signs and interior wall art. Their shared vision involves continuous expansion, adding diverse products to their offerings and nurturing their growing family business.

Michael's valuable tip to aspiring woodworkers echoes the importance of community and knowledge-sharing: "Do your research, join forums, and explore challenges that the CNC system might present. Engage with multiple forums to broaden your understanding of what you can achieve with different machines."

Exploration Questions:

  1. How can the collaborative involvement of family members or partners in a creative business like Saw Creations contribute to its unique identity and success?
  2. In what ways can CNC technology empower artisans like Michael to explore more intricate and complex designs, pushing the boundaries of traditional woodworking?
  3. Considering Michael's emphasis on joining multiple forums, how might diverse online communities foster innovation and inspire woodworkers to explore new possibilities with CNC machines?
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